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  1. Jun 30

    Everyone talking about Nazism, but I'd bet not a single one researched WW2 from Germany's POV

  2. Jun 30

    I tried to watch this, but I raged instead.

  3. Jun 30
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    Hush child,if this had been a white doctor shooting up a hospital I'd be able to hear you screeching about White Privilege all the way to TN

  5. Jun 30
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    You could borrow it, improve it, and then put it back. That's not stealing, it's upgrading.

  7. Jun 30

    I found out a lot as well. I was shocked, tbh.

  8. Jun 30
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    Ahh, farewell Juden. May the flames of hell be 6 million degrees hotter than the ovens you claimed to have dodged.

  9. Jun 30
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    This is normal, yes.

  10. Jun 30
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    This is not normal. I'm sure they whine about the stares they get. Because again...abnormal

  11. Jun 30

    Oh look. A black man. What a shock.

  12. Jun 30
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    He didn't say that, you obviously have no idea what being a WN is. I understand though, different ideas are scary. Back to your safe space.

  13. Jun 30

    Be still mine heart!!! Please, yes.

  14. Jun 29
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    Which investigations? Because Trump isn't and never has been under investigation.

  15. Jun 29
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    Oh yeah, any minute they'll find the smoking Russian gun, amirite??

  16. Jun 29
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    Ahh well, I do what I can.

  17. Jun 29
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    Don't assume my gender.

  18. Jun 29
  19. Jun 29

    I'm just not seeing how Trump objectified Mika... someone explain these mental gymnastics to me....

  20. Jun 29

    They can go back in the closet or into an oven... either way they need to go.

  21. Jun 29
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    Meh, homosexuality is degenerate. Wishing it weren't doesn't make it acceptable, kiddo.

  22. Jun 29

    Look at this. Just look at this glorious picture. I don't know if I want to sing its praises or have lunch instead.

  23. Jun 29
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    Oh.My.God It's so much more than I could have imagined. +6gorrillion points to you. Bonus points to whoever comes up with an anthem.

  24. Jun 29

    Males are not meant to be with males. Females are not meant to be with females. It isn't natural. Someone explain that to this genius.

  25. Jun 29
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    What in the name of God am I looking at right now?

  26. Jun 29

    Because natural is always better!!

  27. Jun 29
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    It's a sad day when you even have to have your fingers airbrushed.

  28. Jun 29

    Please for the love of God, I need a pic of this flag proudly flying from a fried chicken leg flag pole. Someone make my dream come true!!!

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  29. Jun 29
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    I need to formally request a pic of this flag on a flag pole. By flag pole I mean I need to see it proudly flying on a fried chick. leg

  30. Jun 29

    Translation: Stop calling us out on our lies!!!!!

  31. Jun 29
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    What's harmful is knowingly and willingly reporting lies as fact in an attmept to sway and entire nation's mindframe.

  32. Jun 29

    Just as I suspected.

  33. Jun 29
  34. Jun 29

    Did you draw that on the back of a delicious snack box?

  35. Jun 29

    I'm thinking of something that we can never EVER stop reminding people of. Also, friendly reminder that I still have high score

  36. Jun 29

    I got the Duke man to follow me by telling him it was my birthday. It wasn't....I've become the jew.

  37. Jun 28
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    meh, he'll never admit just how hateful this religion is. If he is even able to recognize that at all.

  38. Jun 28

    able to see that this shit is degenerate. Downvote, friends. Show them we don't want this in our faces.

  39. Jun 28

    Well, it did end up working out well for them, tbh

  40. Jun 28
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    He always got the most convenient messages from angels. Funny how that worked.

  41. Jun 27
  42. Jun 27
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    I suppose he needs a bit longer to rationalize why something hateful should be viewed as nonhateful.

  43. Jun 27

    Here I was being sad about being awake so early, then in comes the sheriff to make me giggle.

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  44. Jun 26
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    My favorite part is "Flick the switch" JUST FLICK THE SWITCH!!!

  45. Jun 26

    I'm really concerned by the amount of people unable to differentiate fact from fiction that are becoming doctors.

  46. Jun 26

    He'd start by accepting that fantasy stories aren't real life.

  47. Jun 26
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  48. Jun 26

    If you don't let an unending flow of them into ur country to kill you, they win.

  49. Jun 26

    We have the best memes

  50. Jun 26

    I'm not super totes mcgotes enough to know what a super keener is. Pleathe, God, thtill let me be in the cool kidth club.

  51. Jun 26
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    Awww, I knew I should have screenshot all of them

  52. Jun 26
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    Ma'am. Don't assume my gender

  53. Jun 26

    He denied that he had any part in their supposed meddling. Don't play word games.

  54. Jun 26
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    Allah said all that then? Literally "They started it" Wew

  55. Jun 26
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    Oh yeah, they look really dangerous. 😑

  56. Jun 26
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    And what are the guidelines of "declaring war" according to Islam?

  57. Jun 26
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    Ahh, so the Crusades aren't a sore spot for you then?

  58. Jun 26
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    They aren't hateful?

  59. Jun 26
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    So those verses aren't violent then?

  60. Jun 26
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    Lets be like the birds, everyone. We can learn valuable things from them about life. *Breaks neck on window*

  61. Jun 26
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    Do Muslims even wear socks like this? I imagine not.

  62. Jun 26

    To the delousing chambers it goes.

  63. Jun 26

    Such a well thought out argument. >Muh dick Always the go to argument of an intelligent person.

  64. Jun 26
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    The crusades were a direct result of many years of Islamic convert or die tactics.

  65. Jun 26

    1%? Where'd you come up with that number?

  66. Jun 26
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    >Show me a verse preaching hate Just a few of the verses quoted. >No no no, not those verses!! Show me others. Oh please.

  67. Jun 24
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    He's in Florida.

  68. Jun 24
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    It's probably a pipe, tbh. But still does nothing to lower his levels of degeneracy.

  69. Jun 23

    So much for standing up for what you claim to believe in. Muslim life isn't as edgy as you thought it'd be, amirite?

  70. Jun 23

    They're laughing at you. Literally saying they are going to die laughing at you and refer to you (despite your virtue signaling) as Kafir.

  71. Jun 23

    Anyone that tells you drinking poison is dangerous has probably been drinking poison for years.

  72. Jun 23
  73. Jun 23
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    Violence against Jews, Blacks and Muslims? Yeah, I'm gonna need a few sources. Methinks you're making shit up.

  74. Jun 23
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    😂😂 True art.

  75. Jun 22


  76. Jun 22

    Finally someone said it. These responses were couldn't be further from what they should have been.

  77. Jun 22

    You know who else hates dogs, Josh? Muslims. Muslims hate dogs.

  78. Jun 20
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    But he tried proving me wrong and ended up just proving that I was right, lol

  79. Jun 20
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    idk what got him tbh.

  80. Jun 20
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    I got him with just enough that he'll try to research and prove me wrong, but won't be able to.

  81. Jun 20
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    I specifically got this kid on the holocaust. He tried to prove me wrong on cremation, but proved me right instead.

  82. Jun 20
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    Playing Wow, and suddenly a wild Nazi appears. They aren't even safe from us in Azeroth.

  83. Jun 20

    Just redpilled a guy on WoW. He logged on bluepilled, logged off in a state of panic cause he learned he's been lied to his entire life.

  84. Jun 20
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    Much like all the Islamic terror attacks...but not anywhere near as deadly. Maybe they should go back to their safe countries.

  85. Jun 20
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    I mean, why wouldn't it be okay to tell them that?

  86. Jun 20
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    But shouldn't they find comfort in the fact that their killers weren't true representations of the religion of peace?

  87. Jun 19
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    Realists. We are realists.

  88. Jun 19
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    >He did spend time in hospital if I'm not mistaken. Seems such terrible injuries would really stand out in his memory....

  89. Jun 19
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    All this "We aren't racist" is adorable...but Sikhs aren't anymore a racial group than Muslims are And Leftists will still say ur racist.

  90. Jun 19

    Wew at the massive "We aren't racist, guys!!! See!!!" going on in this thread... Sikhs, like Muslims, aren't a racial class, kiddos.

  91. Jun 19

    White man?! He was a fucking mexican.

  92. Jun 19
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    The repeated attacks on White British men, women and children had nothing to do with it I'm sure.

  93. Jun 19

    As well they should be, funny how the only big attacks are on Western lands and never Israel though.

  94. Jun 19

    Oh please, it has nothing to do with that and everything to do with their peaceful Koran calling for them to kill infidels. Wake up.

  95. Jun 19

    Besides, I hope it was a white man, tbh. Mudslimes have been killing us far too much lately, time to fight back.

  96. Jun 19

    I don't recall them ever protecting the identity of a white man this long...

  97. Jun 19

    My post was a sarcastic nod to original reports of the 3 white male shooters involved in San Bernardino, smh.

  98. Jun 19

    San Bernardino shooters were 3 white men too. I'll wait for a name, thanks ;)

  99. Jun 19

    Let's find out who he is first, kiddo.

  100. Jun 19
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    IDK, I laugh everytime I see a Jew in a gas chamber. Luckily we have free speech though. Also....

  101. Jun 19
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    I'm appalled at your bigotry right now, would you ridicule an African for struggling with English?

  102. Jun 18

    It always makes me giggle when leftists post their shit tier memes. This is why we win the Meme War. Every.Single.Time

  103. Jun 18
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    She is fluent in several languages, kiddo. Hardly the sign of an unintelligent woman.