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  1. Nov 26
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    Except those scratches are vandalism, unless Jews are XMEN they don't have the physical capabilities to claw through cement. Mental gymnastics are fun.

  2. Nov 9
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    If you want to know what they truly believe religiously it's best to read Jewish sources written by Jews for other Jews. It'll really make you think.

  3. Nov 9

    You would be surprised at the amount of Jewish people that either 1. Only view the Torah as a book of fables to learn from but not live by or 2. Are atheists.

  4. Nov 8
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    He's right. Not wanting to be with a woman that has been with a black man is no different than not wanting to be with a woman that has mult. partners. It's his preference and he's entitled to that

  5. Nov 6
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  6. Nov 6
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    I'm pretty sure he has to be a troll.

  7. Nov 6
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    Explain this to me so I understand. This is AFTER a nose job?

  8. Nov 6
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    God, did she even have them colored? This looks like something you'd get in a pretty princess toy set.

  9. Nov 6

    Check out the causes he cares about.

  10. Nov 6
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    I looked into this, apparently it's an old photo.

  11. Nov 6

    Will they ever stop this madman?!

  12. Nov 6

    What types of things did you see on his page before it went down?

  13. Nov 6
  14. Nov 6
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  15. Nov 5
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    The fact that he has been dead for hours with no name or hint of ethnicity tells me who he is as well.

  16. Nov 5
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    I didn't mention New York, child.

  17. Nov 5

    Oh please. Fields didn't intentionally murder anyone. Watch the full video, not the handpicked angle MSM shows you.

  18. Nov 5
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    The only person responsible for her death is the gunman.

  19. Nov 5
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    I can't believe you are ranting over a murderer being called an animal. Kys

  20. Nov 5
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    Wtf are you talking about?

  21. Nov 5
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    Coulter's law.

  22. Nov 5

    When did he ever say a White shooter was a fine person? Source please.

  23. Nov 5
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    They always say the shooter is white. Remember San Bernardino was originally reported as 3 white men.

  24. Nov 5
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  25. Nov 5
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    If like to see your source on the Texas shooter being a White man. Thanks.

  26. Nov 5
  27. Nov 1

    Damn it, white men!

  28. Nov 1
  29. Oct 31
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    Let them double down on this rhetoric. Next poll will be over 60%

  30. Oct 30

    We have taken notice long before now.

  31. Oct 30
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    Such a well thought out argument. No one here has heard "muh dik" before.

  32. Oct 30
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    I'm fighting for the rights of the only humans that matter to me. Let the other races fight for themselves.

  33. Oct 30

    I'm dense. Yet you keep overlooking the fact that the woman with a camera can't prove a man said some words to her. Come on now.

  34. Oct 29

    The reporters moved freely, unhindered and unassaulted, among us. If you can't prove we assault them, then shhhh.

  35. Oct 29

    I was there at the event, and everyone was respectful to reporters. Even those that didn't want to talk.

  36. Oct 29

    I will believe that was said when the woman that was recording provides the evidence it was indeed said

  37. Oct 29
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    I didn't twist anything or lie about anything.

  38. Oct 29
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    And we both know they won't. And now it wouldn't matter even if they did bc they have pushed it so hard the leftists will never let up.

  39. Oct 29

    Not true. But it's a start because at least you are admitting that our necks are indeed being stepped on.

  40. Oct 29

    Oh really. I was there yesterday, we didn't attack anyone. Please don't confuse liberal lies with reality.

  41. Oct 29
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    Nothing is going to hurt us because anything we do doesn't compare to leftist chimp outs.

  42. Oct 29

    The "woman" actually attacked another woman and ended up being injured as a result of her black bf pushing her into a brick wall.

  43. Oct 29

    A woman is claiming to have been hit by a WN male last night. Here we have a video of what really happened..

  44. Oct 29
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    Incase you're interested in seeing what REALLY happened...

  45. Oct 29

    Actually, the woman attacked someone and her black bf shoved her and this resulted in her injury.

  46. Oct 29


  47. Oct 29

    Yeah, peacefully gathering and promote the rights of our people to exist is exactly what Taliban/Al Qaeda do.

  48. Oct 29

    And there we have it. The jews shit all over another good thing. Next season will be full of tits and gay sex, no doubt.

  49. Oct 29

    To be clear, even if these GENTLEMEN were the raping sort, they wouldn't rape your sort with someone else's dick.

  50. Oct 29

    Furthermore, most of these gentlemen have wives of their own and aren't interested in a short/squat libshit reporter.

  51. Oct 29

    Isn't it funny how these reporters always say these things are said, but never have it recorded despite recording everyone? It's a mystery.

  52. Oct 29

    But of course the media is reporting that he was one of us.

  53. Oct 29
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    Yep, and the one arrest that they are reporting as a WN was actually an antifa fag that ran across and made it by cops.

  54. Oct 29

    Yeah, we were terrified by your morbidly obese people shouting " You're sexy, you're cute, take off your Nazi suits"

  55. Oct 29

    This man sounds incredibly intelligent, so you know... and stuff like that.

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  56. Oct 29

    This is absurd, we weren't protesting them being there, we were protesting them being in America in general.

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  57. Oct 29

    This woman wasn't antifa or WN. She came to the WN side because she was screamed at and scared to death by antifa.

  58. Oct 29
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    Today on "Things That Never Happened"...

  59. Oct 29

    Name one time our side has assaulted the press. I can show you countless examples of the left assaulting them though.

  60. Oct 29

    TFW you repeatedly tell people you aren't republican, but the people are too dim to understand what that means and keep insisting.

  61. Oct 29
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  62. Oct 29
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    TFW Martin Luther King Jr was a communist and a racial separatist TFW Martin Luther King Jr didn't even write this speech

  63. Oct 27
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    You too!!

  64. Oct 27
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    I have. Been focusing on being more involved with the movement irl

  65. Oct 26

    , this is exactly the reason why we spent an hour having our cable cut off while ur rep suggested letting our kids watch Disney.

  66. Oct 26

    Friendly reminder that boycotting a channel doesn't hurt the company. Hurt them by cutting the cable.

  67. Oct 26
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    I have to do this.

  68. Oct 26
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    Yeah, just haven't been active on Twitter lately. Trying to get more involved IRL

  69. Oct 16

    Wtf is that behind his ear?

  70. Oct 16

    THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW!! IT'S MY DUTY!! I won't rest until I find it.

  71. Oct 16

    He reminds me of a troll from Gummi bears. But I can't find the exact troll. It's driving me insane.

  72. Oct 16
  73. Oct 16
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    Imagined insults? Come on now, the man has been insulted nonstop since he announced his run. Fuck off shill.

  74. Oct 16
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    He reminds me of a cartoon character, I just can't place him right now. Let me ponder this awhile. Will post pic when I remember.

  75. Oct 16
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    Tbh it just looks like someone smeared some dirt on them. "Here, get dirty. It makes you look hungry. Americans eat that up."

  76. Oct 16
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    They don't look overly hungry to me.

  77. Oct 16
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    I just want to know why he keeps breathing so heavily.

  78. Oct 16

    So someone can look at me and call me a cracker etc etc, and it isn't racism?

  79. Oct 8
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    How in the name of God is this appropriate for any children this age?!

  80. Oct 3

    PM it to me.

  81. Oct 3

    Are you sure it wasn't a shot to the chest? The pic I seen was a frontal pic, blood from mouth, hole in chest

  82. Oct 2
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    In the case of Las Vegas, true. But for Orlando, we know.

  83. Oct 2

    Yes, let's vote based off anatomy!! What could go wrong?!

  84. Oct 2
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    Tennessee needs someone a bit more right than "Conservative"

  85. Oct 2

    The same applies in Orlando. If one claims to be a terrorist. Then that's what they are.

  86. Oct 2
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    As a white woman if I claimed to kill ppl based off skin color, FBI would never say my crime wasn't race based, would they?

  87. Oct 2
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    I'm referring to the FBI. I find their 1 hour investigation a bit lacking.

  88. Oct 2

    despite him saying outright his allegiance was to ISIS to 911

  89. Oct 2