HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US in Wellcome Collection’s ‘Milk’ exhibition

[cw: neo-Nazism]

Documentation of HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US is now installed at London’s Wellcome Collection as part of the exhibition Milk, which runs until 10 September 2023 (free entry).

The show explores our relationship with milk and its place in politics, society and culture.

This dark but critical iteration of my piece replaces the live-streaming camera with a screen playing back stark footage of neo-Nazis chugging milk in front of the work in New York in 2017 in a frenzied display of their overt racism and purported white supremacy.

Crucially, the work is contextualised in the exhibition in a way that leaves no space for the revisionist accounts and denialism that are still in circulation about the neo-Nazi nature of the groups that targeted HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US and those involved, from 2017 onwards.

The footage shows Identity Evropa leaders Nathan Damigo and Elliot Kline—co-organisers of the Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right’ rally—alongside Shawn McCaffrey and Sonnenrad-tattooed William Clark, coining the racist, antisemitic chant “You will not replace us” that would become infamous later that year.

I’m grateful that the piece can contribute to what is an exhibition full of rich and important works. I’d like to thank all involved at the Wellcome Collection for presenting my piece with such sensitivity.

Aptly, in the face of the years of antisemitic harassment and institutional gaslighting my work has resulted in, the entirety of my artist fee will go towards my High Court trial in October against Nina Power and Daniel ‘DC’ Miller. Further details can be found here.

Neo-Nazi William Clark chugs milk while displaying a Sonnenrad tattoo, flanked by Shawn McCaffrey and other members of Identity Evropa in front of the HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US camera in New York, 4 February 2017 (footage: Luke Turner)
HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US installed in 'Milk' exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, April 2023 (Photo: Luke Turner)